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ROC Privates

We offer individual or duet private sessions.  What to expect:  during the first session, depending on your goals, we initially spend 15-25 minutes discussing your goals and an initial body/health assessment.  If your goals are to become familiar with Pilates, engaging your core fundamentals, the assessment is closer to 15 minutes.  For more involved post injury recovery or posture assessment needs, we like to understand your background and goals more in order to provide an in-depth session approach.  Subsequent sessions leverage the equipment for the entire 55 minute session. 

Please contact us directly to purchase and arrange a convenient appointment day/time.

What to Expect

New Pilates clients should arrive 10 minutes prior to class to sign a waiver, and for us to provide studio  and equipment orientation, and fill out the body assessment.

To cancel a private, please see the FAQ for our cancellation policies. 

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