ROC 1 - Beginner / Basics

Newer to pilates, like to ease back into it or focus on core and stretching, this class will flow at a moderate pace. It provides modifications and offers movement form support / correction to help you build core strength and find your form.  Great music brings it home. 

ROC 2 - Intermediate

Already familiar with how to engage your core and basic Pilates reformer movements, ROC 2 - Accelerated ups the pace and challenges your core by introducing next level reformer exercises.  Instructors provide both down and up modifications to help you progress to the next level.  Featuring great playlists, you will sweat in this class. 

ROC 3 - Accelerated Intermediate

ROC 3 is for athletic individuals with a strong familiarity of contemporary Pilates reformer moves.  Transitions from one move to the next are fluid and the pace is elevated while still allowing physical emphasis on form and mind/body connect.  Participants should be free of injury, able to make their own spring modification and  in good form.  Our great playlists will help motivate you to reach your fitness goals!

ROC Power Mat pilates

Get energized with our Power Mat Pilates classes.  With a strong focus on the core, strengthening and getting your heart rate up, classes run 50 minutes long.  Various props and mats included. 

Masks and grippy socks are required.


Power yoga Reformer Flow

Power Yoga Reformer Flow combines the breath and flow of asanas yoga and takes them to another level using the reformer.  Experience the best of these two worlds while building strength, agility, flexibility and your core. Our meditative yoga inspired music restores the mind and returns the body to center.   A unique experience like no other.  Come revitalize and empower yourself!

Masks and grippy socks are required.


ROC Circuit

A structured weekly set of classes with alternating emphasis on Core/Cardio/Lower Body and Core/Cardio/Upper Body.  Our Cardio Rebounder (lower impact) or Jumpboard are utilized to build your core and raise your heart rate in between repeating reformer core/leg or core/arm strength moves. Great music and weights are incorporated to inspire you to take it to the next level.   With commitment, you will see results! 


Modifications are limited due to the structured nature of the series.


ROC Form - Class Workshop

Ever wondered if you were doing a reformer move in good form or the main goal of it? Or perhaps, what is the exercise if you are newer to Pilates?  In this class/workshop, we break it down for you with reformer move descriptions and instructor tips on optimal body position to build strength - all while going through a class. This workshop will take you to a deeper level in your Pilates practice.   Class is limited in participant size to allow for attention to participants, description of exercises / benefits, and Q & A.  Each monthly workshop covers new content.


Looking for more 1:1 attention, contact us about private sessions.

ROC Privates

We offer individual or duet private sessions.  What to expect:  during the first session, depending on your goals, we initially spend 15-25 minutes discussing your goals and an initial body/health assessment.  If your goals are to become familiar with Pilates, engaging your core fundamentals, the assessment is closer to 15 minutes.  For more involved post injury recovery or posture assessment needs, we like to understand your background and goals more in order to provide an in-depth session approach.  Subsequent sessions leverage the equipment for the entire 55 minute session. 

Private packages are available for purchase on the website (see Pricing).  Please contact us directly to arrange for your preferred instructor and a convenient appointment day/time.

Purchase Privates

What to Expect

All classes are 50 minutes long with a brief warm up and cool down.  All private sessions are 55 minutes. 

New Pilates clients should arrive 10 minutes prior to class to sign a waiver, and for us to provide studio  and equipment orientation.

To cancel a class or private, please see the FAQ for our cancellation policies. 

What to wear

For both classes and privates, we recommend wearing athletic form fitting, yet comfortable tops and leggings or shorts. 

The studio requires grippy toe socks and masks.  We have some styles available for purchase at the studio for both men and women.  

We kindly ask that you do not wear any clothing that has zippers, belts, buttons or rivets as these can damage the equipment.

For your safety, please remove loose, long or dangling jewelry prior to class and arrive to class scent free (perfume and other ;-)) to ensure everyone's class enjoyment.

ROC Amenities

  • Free Parking

  • Lockers**

  • Filtered Water*

  • Air Conditioning

Please bring a water bottle

** Not responsible for lost items