Welcome to ROC Pilates!  Return of Center (ROC), balancing your body and building strength, strong like a ROC, are the origin of ROC Pilates.  The studio offers tailored privates/duets and group Reformer classes.  We combine the best of both worlds in our classes: music and a progressive pace with our award winning contemporary pilates to create the ROC experience - making it the perfect complement to your cross fit, spin, tennis, ski, golf, running, etc... game.  We're here to have fun, give you a workout and truly focus on building your core and overall body strength - safely.   It's Pilates - just right.  

Group Reformer Classes

Our group reformer classes range from beginner level to advanced creating a progressive platform and experience that emphasizes dynamic flowing full body movements.

If you are brand new to reformer pilates, we kindly ask you to take a private with us to learn the basics before attending classes.

privates & Duets

Our privates and duets are tailored to an individual's needs and goals and taught by experienced certified Pilates instructors. 

New to Pilates and looking for 1:1 guidance to find your neutral spine and how to engage your core?  Taking 1-2 privates will provide a solid contemporary Pilates foundation for continued progress within your private sessions or to set you up for success in our classes.


Voted best pilates studio 3 years in a row


ROC Pilates is my favorite place. The large spacious studio is equipped with new reformers, always impeccably clean and well organized, the decor is pleasant to the eye, and there is always free parking on premise. Christine is very accommodating and informative, and along with the other instructors is very attentive to each client. ROC Pilates is my little heavenly place and I walk out after each session feeling more toned and amazing. Thank you to Christine and Wendy and Ysabel !!!



Wendy did a terrific job at our first meeting. She is very professional and took the time to get to know my body’s strengths and weaknesses. I also should add that the studio is lovely – bright and clean.

I’ve been doing pilates for awhile here in Marin and ROC Pilates is my Go To favorite place. I’m looking for a challenging workout and ROC Pilates delivers on so many levels! The instructors are really knowledgeable and if you need a modification, they are always able to help. Each instructor has their own style and all of them will correct my form which is super helpful. Since I’ve only been going there during COVID, I’ve found the studio to be clean. I could not feel more safe working out indoors. Luv this place!


Christine's classes are exceptional and ALWAYS challenging. There's a great mix of poses and moves, so absolutely no chance of boredom here. A super playlist too! I've had definite improvement in my strength and balance since coming to ROC, not to mention feeling taller! Did I mention the other terrific teachers, Wendy and Ysabel?


Beautiful studio, friendly and attentive teaching and community!


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