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Welcome to ROC Pilates!  Return of Center (ROC), balancing your body and building strength, strong like a ROC, are the origin of ROC Pilates.  The studio offers tailored privates/duets and group Reformer classes.  We combine the best of both worlds in our classes: music and a progressive pace with our award winning contemporary pilates to create the ROC experience - making it the perfect complement to your cross fit, spin, tennis, ski, golf, running, etc... game.  We're here to have fun, give you a workout and truly focus on building your core and overall body strength - safely.   It's Pilates - just right.  

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Group Reformer Classes

Our group reformer classes range from beginner level to advanced creating a progressive platform and experience that emphasizes dynamic flowing full body movements.

If you are brand new to reformer pilates, we kindly ask you to take a private with us to learn the basics before attending classes.

privates & Duets

Our privates and duets are tailored to an individual's needs and goals and taught by experienced certified Pilates instructors. 

New to Pilates and looking for 1:1 guidance to find your neutral spine and how to engage your core?  Taking 1-2 privates will provide a solid contemporary Pilates foundation for continued progress within your private sessions or to set you up for success in our classes.

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Voted best pilates studio 4 years in a row


Attending classes at Roc Pilates has been a true game changer. As I’ve gotten older, I haven’t been interested in HIT classes or boot camp any longer. Roc has provided the strength training and stretching I’ve needed to stay in shape and feel amazing. My energy level has increased and I feel 20 years younger. The instructors are friendly, challenging and invested in their clients on a holistic level. I can’t recommend Roc enough.


I have been going to ROC Pilates for 10 months. I love Christine and have been taking private lessons from her weekly. Christine is an awesome teacher and coach, always pushing me to work harder and up my abilities.



I love ROC Pilates. All of the teachers are fantastic. They really care about each client and design interesting and new classes each time. My strength and flexibility have improved in just 6 weeks and I look forward to every class. If you want a healthy habit that makes you feel great every time, sign up for ROC Pilates!!


Just took my first class here and this studio is amazing. As a Pilates instructor and studio owner myself, I love visiting other studios but can be picky, and I’m thrilled with my ROC experience. My class was an awesome, safe workout, my instructor was knowledgeable, friendly and fun, and the studio is clean and beautiful. This will be my go-to studio whenever I’m in Marin!


My husband and I love our Reformer Flow classes at ROC Pilates.  The studio is very well run and the teachers are all excellent.  We like the results and keep coming back, month after month, because we feel well instructed, stronger and connected with the community.  Plus, it is a lovely, clean environment.

- Brooke

I recommend ROC to anyone who may be considering this form of exercise -- particularly men. I had never done Pilates before 6 months ago and have been going since because I have found this to be the best type of exercise I have ever done. All the teachers are skillful, keep a good pace, vary the routines, and pay attention to your form. Everything about ROC is well designed: the studio is peaceful, the classes are the right length, the scheduling app is easy to use and the equipment is modern and well maintained. I have definitely gotten stronger and more flexible through my time there.



I have never enjoyed exercising as much as I do with ROC Pilates.  I actually look forward to going,  Can't say I ever felt that way about an exercise class until now.  Excellent instructors, nice fellow class mates and a pristine, clean environment with new equipment.  Christine has hit the perfect balance in her pilates studio.  LOVE ROC Pilates!

- Arline

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